Main Characters

  1. Rain Bohique Cacique - 13 years old, starting 8th grade; designated as the "Searcher"; skinny, copper skin, long dark hair braided into thick black rope; almond-shaped almond-colored eyes; light brown eyes that seemed to look through you; nicknamed "Raindrop" by 'Bastian
  2. Charlie Dauphin - 13 years old, starting 8th grade, Rain’s best friend; skinny, dark brown eyes; cocoa-brown skin and a short-black Afro; wide face, open and kind, with big dark eyes
  3. Sebastian Bohique - Rain's maternal grandfather; WW2 Captain and pilot of the B-17 “Island Belle” Bomber. Rain called him "Papa"; nickname 'Bastian; died a month shy of age 80

Rain’s Family

  1. Alonso Cacique - Rain's father; six feet tall; 16 years on a boat
  2. Iris Bohique-Cacique - Rain's mother
  3. Rose Bohique - Rain’s maternal grandmother, deceased

Charlie’s Family

  1. Charlie's Father - not mentioned; only reference is to his watch that Charlie wears
  2. Adriana Dauphin - Charlie's mother
  3. Lew Dauphin - Charlie's older brother; a sophomore at Northwestern university; soccer scholarship, but benched due to a knee injury; didn't appear
  4. Hank Dauphin - Charlie's older brother; senior cornerback at the local school
  5. Phil Dauphin - Charlie's younger brother; contemptuous of Rain

Local Teens

  1. Miranda Guerrero - New friend; lives at Sycorax Island; was away at boarding school; possibly very rich; shorter than Rain with large brown eyes and kewpie doll lips that gave her a bit of a baby face; wavy auburn hair tied into a loose ponytail; light skin; Euro-Spanish accent; more developed than Rain
  2. Marina Cortez - Senior; lives in Malas Almas; older sister died a year prior
  3. Ramon Hernandez - Senior; dating Marina; drives a convertible
  4. Linda Wheeler - End of Summer Partiers; no dialogue
  5. Jay Ibarra - End of Summer Partiers; no dialogue
  6. Renée Jackson - End of Summer Partiers; no dialogue

Other Inhabitants

  1. Ariel - Miranda's chaperone; woman of no words
  2. Joe Charone - Ferryman; Bastian’s best friend; WW2 tail gunner
  3. Miller - Sometimes works with Rain’s dad; night janitor at Tio Samuel naval base; assists Rain & Charlie in getting back to the main island
  4. Ibara family - 3 generations attended the Bastian’s funeral
  5. Jackson Family - 2 generations attended Bastian’s funeral
  6. Hernandez Family - 4 generations attended Bastian’s funeral
  7. Father Lopez - Officiated at Bastian’s funeral


  1. Callahan - Treasure hunter from Sydney, Australian; owns a boat “BOOTSTRAP”; is paid $50,000 per zemi artifact found. Big man, considerably over six feet, tanned weathered skin, spiky blond crewcut, icy blue eyes that accented a permanent scowl. Long gorilla-esque arm.
  2. Setebos - prissy English accent; Callahan’s employer; a doctor

Guests at the Hotel

  1. Rebecca Sawyer - from Hannibal, MO.  No appearances - name mentioned only.
  2. Mr. & Mrs. John DeLancey - from San Francisco.  No appearances - name mentioned only
  3. Terry Chung & Elizabeth Ellis-Chung - from Cambridge, MA; walked in on Bastian's funeral
  4. Judith Vendaval - from New York; interacted with Rain twice in her dreams; Red lips, very dark eyes, very tall, kind smile; possible bigger role in future; possible psychic powers


  1. Bernie Cohen - Tried to take photos of Rain and Charlie; hefty; 57 years old
  2. Maude Cohen - Hefty; 55 years old; weighs 171 pounds

World War 2 Decedents

  1. Billy Zekaris - Lieutenant; bombardier
  2. Pete Grier - top turret; from Mississippi
  3. "Big" Harry Conners - “big Harry”; waist gunner
  4. "Little" Harry Eiling - “little Harry”; waist gunner
  5. William “Bear” Mitchell - Lieutenant; navigator
  6. Ducky Simpson - Lieutenant; ball turret
  7. Lance Pedros - Sergeant; radio operator
  8. Tommy McMinn - Lieutenant; copilot

Naval Personnel

  1. Ensign Chris LeVell - air traffic controller
  2. Commander Stevens - commanding officer
  3. Ensign Dusanek - Miller’s surfing buddy; Navy shuttle pilot


  1. Opie - Narrator, basically hinted at as a dog
  2. Maq - Narrator's human companion; beach bum; works as an entertainer
  3. Julia - Called “hura-hupia” by Maq 

The Soundtrack in Rain's Head

  1. Drums playing a major tribal beat - when cycling away from tourists (ch. 1)
  2. Drums reached their crescendo - reaching the N.T.Z. (ch. 2)
  3. Slinky piano that kind of gave her the creeps - walking home (ch. 3)
  4. Slow and pretty jazz cornet - grandfather about to give her the bracelet
  5. Steel drums taking their own beat - heading towards cemetery (ch. 8)
  6. Steel drums are warm and tangy and familiar in her head - Rain walking through cemetery
  7. Drums built to a climax - Rain willing her grandfather to appear 
  8. Could not summon any instrument (ch. 10)
  9. Drums, with more insistent rhythm - the deeper she searched for the bomber (ch. 15)
  10. More drums - Julia reaches the B-17 (ch. 16)
  11. Drums rose to a crescendo - Julia blasted mercilessly
  12. Orchestra of strings hailing their triumph - Julia gives up
  13. Flamenco guitar plays softly - looking for the Cache (ch. 18)
  14. Guitar picking up its tempo - descending towards the Cache


  1. Nitaino Inn - owned by the Caciques
  2. Royal Dolphin Rentals - owned by the Dauphins

The Keys

  1. San Prospero - Capital is Pueblo de San Prospero, where both Rain and Charlie were born
  2. Sycorax Island - Ferry ride to the west
  3. Tio Samuel - northeast arc in gentle curve
  4. Malas Almas - northeast arc in gentle curve
  5. Ile de la Geante - northeast arc in gentle curve
  6. Teatro de Fantasmas - northeast arc in gentle curve
  7. "The Pebble" - northeast arc in gentle curve
  8. Isla Soraya - located farther out

Instances of the number Nine

  • Maq tells Rain her magic number is nine, perhaps as a reference to the number of zemis
  • Nine out of the ten World War 2 veterans in Bastian's group appear as ghosts
  • Out of twenty-five missions, the vets successfully bombed Berlin nine times
  • Bastian tried to teach Rain to use the compass and astrolabe when she was nine
  • The designation of the Island Belle is Broadway-Niner-Niner-Four (B-994)
  • "Julia" glared at Maq for exactly nine seconds before backing out and nodding.
  • The N.T.Z cache has nine stone seats and nine indentations ("keyholes")
    1. A circular indentation, which was opened by Rain's bracelet
    2. A deep widening groove
    3. An oval ring
    4. A larger more circular ring
    5. A shallow cup
    6. A semi-amorphous cross
    7. A thick equilateral triangle
    8. A small cylindrical hole
    9. Last one is vaguely skull-shaped
  • According to the message in the Cache, there are nine Searchers and nine Zemis
    1. Rain's snake bracelet is the Healer. Has the power of instantaneous healing

Chapter Titles

  1. Drums - Thursday. Rain and Charlie evade tourists, even after Rain took a wrong turn
  2. The N.T.Z. - The pair meet at the No-Tourist-Zone, and befriend Marina. She offers to take them jet-skiing
  3. Snakes - Rain meets Callahan, and her grandfather gives her a precious keepsake
  4. The Ghosts - Rain sees her first ghost (The Dark Man) that night. Friday. Rain has fun with Miranda and Charlie.
  5. Sunset - Rain learns her grandfather died in his sleep; Callahan steals the bracelet; Rain sees the Dark Man again
  6. Fishing - Rain has a troubled night; she dreams again of Judith Vendaval
  7. A Wake - Saturday. The funeral; Rain sees the eight ghosts in the N.T.Z. but Charlie doesn't
  8. Grave - The older teens try to console Rain. She bids her final farewell to Bastian
  9. Searcher - Rain raids Callahan's room for her bracelet, doesn't find it
  10. In Black and White - Sunday. Rain learns the Dark Man is a younger Sebastian.
  11. The Ferryman - Rain sees a picture of her eight ghosts and Charlie suggests they ask Old Joe.
  12. The Storm - Joe reminisces about the past and learns about the ill-fated crew of eight.
  13. The Last Summer Rain - Callahan checks out; Rain and Charlie shadow im to his boat, the Bootstrap
  14. 'Bastian - Rain recovers the real bracelet, but the pair must still escape from Callahan
  15. Healer - Rain and Charlie escape, and find the remains of Bastian's bomber. The bracelet brings it back to life.
  16. The Final Flight of the Island Belle - The Island Belle flies to Tio Sams. Rain, Charlie and the bracelet fight off Julie.
  17. Rendezvous - Rain and Charlie catch a shuttle back to San Prospero; Callahan meets his boss; Maq talks to Julie
  18. The Cache - Rain and Charlie discover the Cache
  19. "Laissez les Bontemps Rouler..." - Rain dances with her grandpa at the end of summer party


Conspiratorial conversation with Miranda

Spanish English
Rain: ¿Hablas español? Rain: Do you speak Spanish?
Miranda: Si. Por supuesto. Miranda: Yes, of course.
Rain: Que bueno. Porque Charlie no habla y esto le vuelve loco. Rain: Good. Because Charlie can't speak it, and it drives him crazy.

Cache Text

Spanish English
BIENVENIDO, BUSCADORA, A LA CACHÉ. Welcome, welcome, to the Cache.
BIEN HECHO. HAS ENCONTRADO EL PRIMER ZEMI. Congratulations for finding the first zemi.
COMO TÚ, ES EL BUSCADOR Y EL CURADOR. Like you, it is the Searcher and the Healer.
COMO TÚ, TAMBIÉN ES EL PRIMERO DE NUEVE. Like you, it is also the first of nine.
TENEMOS POCO TIEMPO Y SÓLO UNA OPORTUNIDAD PARA CURAR LA HERIDA. We have little time and only one chance to heal the wound.


Find the nine. For you and they are the Keys to unlocking the true Mystery of the Ghosts.

Ghost Keys

Spanish Name English Translation
San Prospero

Prospero: prosperity

Saint Prosper (An Italian Saint)

Tio Samuel

Tio: Uncle

Samuel: A Jewish name ("God has heard")

Malas Almas

Malas: Poor, bad, unlucky

Almas: Souls

Ile de la Geante ????
Teatro de Fantasmas

Teatro: Theater

de: of the

Fantasmas: Ghosts/Phantoms

Isla Soraya

Isla: Isle/Island

Soraya: female Persian name, means "gem" or "princess"


Foreign Language English Language Context

Hura: Wind

Hupia: Spirit of a dead person

Taino (Bahaman tribe) Maq calls Julia this name
Zemi Deity or ancestral spirit Taino Objects Callahan was collecting
Laissez les Bontemps Rouler Let the good times roll French Chapter 19 title

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