• Zergrinch

    1. Rain Bohique Cacique - 13 years old, starting 8th grade; designated as the "Searcher"; skinny, copper skin, long dark hair braided into thick black rope; almond-shaped almond-colored eyes; light brown eyes that seemed to look through you; nicknamed "Raindrop" by 'Bastian
    2. Charlie Dauphin - 13 years old, starting 8th grade, Rain’s best friend; skinny, dark brown eyes; cocoa-brown skin and a short-black Afro; wide face, open and kind, with big dark eyes
    3. Sebastian Bohique - Rain's maternal grandfather; WW2 Captain and pilot of the B-17 “Island Belle” Bomber. Rain called him "Papa"; nickname 'Bastian; died a month shy of age 80

    1. Alonso Cacique - Rain's father; six feet tall; 16 years on a boat
    2. Iris Bohique-Cacique - Rain's mother
    3. Rose Bohique - Rain…

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