"The N.T.Z."
Rain of the Ghosts chapter
Rain of the Ghosts cover
Number 2
Series Rain of the Ghosts
Pages 7-15
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"The N.T.Z. " is the second chapter of Rain of the Ghosts.



The title refers to the "No Tourist Zone", a clearing designated by the local youth as off-limits to tourists. It can also refer to the pedestrian crossing sign close to the entrance of the zone.

The drums in Rain's head reach their crescendo for the first time in the novel, when Rain and Charlie triumphantly burst into the N.T.Z.




Rain: Someone must have taken her up here.
Charlie: Unless she followed us!
Rain: Oh, my God!  (The unforgivable sin!  We'll be banished!  Excommunicated!)

Unanswered questions

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