Rain of the Ghosts chapter
Rain of the Ghosts cover
Number 3
Series Rain of the Ghosts
Pages 17-33
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"Snakes" is the third chapter of Rain of the Ghosts.


  • Rain meets Callahan, the scariest tourist in the world, who checks into her family's hotel.
  • 'Bastian gives Rain a precious keepsake.



The title refers to the twin-snake wristband Sebastian gifts to Rain. A snake can also refer to an untrustworthy person, something which Rain concludes about Callahan.

Music in Rain's Head

  • Slinky piano that kind of gave her the creeps—as she is walking home alone
  • Slow and pretty jazz cornet—as Sebastian is about to give her the wristband


  • Abuela (Spanish): grandmother
  • Rue de Lafitte (French): literally Lafitte Street, likely named after Jean Lafitte, a French pirate who operated in the Gulf of Mexico in the 1800s.

Character Name References

  • Callahan is likely a reference to Caliban, one of the antagonists in The Tempest
  • Alonso, Rain's father, is a reference to the eponymous King of Naples in The Tempest
  • Sebastian, Rain's maternal grandfather, is a reference to the treacherous brother of King Alonso in the Tempest

Character Name Meanings


  • Rain Cacique
  • Charlie Dauphin
  • Ramon Hernandez (first appearance; no dialogue)
  • Marina Cortez (first appearance; no dialogue)
  • Callahan
  • Iris Cacique
  • Sebastian Bohique
  • Alonso Cacique
  • Judith Vendaval (first appearance; no dialogue)
  • Maq
  • Opie


  • San Próspero
    • Old Town
    • Rue de Lafitte
    • Goodfellow Lane
    • Royal Dolphin Rentals
    • Nitaino Inn


Charlie: I can't believe you said yes.
Rain: Why wouldn't I say yes?
Charlie: After the way you interrogated her?
Rain: Waterskiing, Charlie. It was a good offer. Besides, if we weren't a little shallow, we wouldn't be teenagers.

Rain: I’m never going to do anything. I’ll never go anywhere. I’ll graduate high school and spend the rest of my life ushering tourists around these same eight islands!
Sebastian: Now I don’t believe that, Raindrop. I don’t believe that for a second. This is home. And frankly, it’s not a bad place to make a life. So you may come back someday to usher tourists. After all, I did. But you’ll get your own chance to decide. You've always been special, Rain. An adventurer. We’d turn our backs for a minute, and you’d be off exploring. Before you could walk, even. And I remember watching you as you grew up. You’d have long conversations with your imaginary friends. You’d fight pirates. Find treasure. Solve mysteries. I knew you were destined for greatness

Unanswered questions

  • Why did the snake eyes flash blue? Why did the other snake flash gold, in conjunction with Rain's eyes?
  • Why did Bastian and Rain feel tired after he handed over the band?
  • Why did Maq and Opie stand vigil the whole night?

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