Rain of the Ghosts chapter
Rain of the Ghosts cover
Number 9
Series Rain of the Ghosts
Pages 87-94
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"Searcher" is the ninth chapter of Rain of the Ghosts.

Chapter Brief: Rain suspects Callahan stole her bracelet, and breaks into his room to search for the heirloom.

Page Numbers: 87 to 94 (U.S. paperback)


  • Rain breaks into Callahan's room 
  • After turning the room upside-down, she finds nothing
  • Callahan catches her in the act, but backs out after Alonso intervenes
  • Rain's suspicions are strengthened 



The title refers to Rain, who turns Callahan's room upside-down while searching for her grandfather's keepsake.


  • Rain remembers Callahan's heavy footsteps—a sound she first heard in Snakes


  1. Rain Cacique
  2. Callahan
  3. Alonso Cacique


  1. San Próspero
    • ​Nitaino Inn


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