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Book one reviews

"Greg Weisman really 'gets' the deep-seated emotional angst of teenagers, and he's an expert at creating complex stories filled with intrigue, mystery, drama, fantasy, adventure, you name it - always with just enough comedy peppered throughout. From his work on DC's cartoon 'Young Justice' to his first novel, 'Rain of the Ghosts,' he hits it out of the park every time!"
Danica McKellar

"On a haunted isle in the mysterious Caribbean, a 13-year-old girl discovers her magical heritage! It's the perfect book for the young adult reader."
Stan Lee

"RAIN OF THE GHOSTS is quirky, clever and downright creepy. A thoroughly entertaining joyride into the world of the fantastic."
Jonathan Maberry

"All of the excitement and hyperbole of teen emotion is captured in this quick-moving debut. Filled with adventure, ghosts, and mystery, this book shouts to be read."
Shannon Delany

"I read and thoroughly enjoyed Rain of the Ghosts last night cover to cover (if there is such a thing on the IPad). Rain is a wonderful, empowering heroine... funny, impulsive, and yet sensitive. The generational bond between 'Bastian and Rain is particularly endearing. Magical realism for all ages! ... The writing style is clear, textured and moves with alacrity and never feels like it panders to kids... beautiful and clever...the soundtrack in Rain's mind adds a filmic layer to an already visual story. I look forward to ... many returns to The Ghosts!"
Jonathan Frakes

"Always a superb builder of new worlds and their rules of magick, Greg Weisman now serves as ferryman to the eldritch Ghost Keys, where the Bard and secrets from the past intertwine in a thrilling mystery... And characters are never what they first seem."
Nicole Dubuc

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Greg Weisman

Greg Weisman is an American comic book and animation writer and producer, best known as the creator of Gargoyles and as the Supervising Producer of The Spectacular Spider-Man. Weisman is currently a producer on the Young Justice animated series. In addition, Weisman wrote the script for DC Showcase: Green Arrow, an animated short feature that is included on the DTV, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

Weisman is a former English composition and writing teacher and received degrees at Stanford and USC. During an interview done during Comic-Con International 2010, Weisman revealed that while 22 years old, he wrote a four issue mini-series for DC Comics starring the superheroine Black Canary. The first issue of the series was pencilled, but the project was ultimately shelved due to the character being used in writer/artist Mike Grell's high profile Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunter series. Elements from the ill-fated project were used for his DC Showcase: Green Arrow short film. Read more >
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