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Rain Cacique
Rain, as seen on the cover of Spirits of Ash and Foam
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Family Information
Parents Alonso Cacique (Father),
Iris Bohique (Mother)
Grandparents Rose Nitaino (Grandmother)
Sebastian Bohique (Grandfather)
Character Information
First Appearance Rain of the Ghosts, Chapter One
Portrayed By Brittany Uomoleale (In Audio Play)

Rain Bohique Cacique is the main protagonist of the Rain of the Ghosts series. After the death of her maternal grandfather, Sebastian Bohique, Rain realizes she can communicate with ghosts.

Physical description Edit

Rain is a 13-year-old skinny girl with copper skin and long dark hair braided into thick black rope.[1] She has almond-shaped and almond-colored eyes that "seemed to look right through you".[2]

Personality Edit

Biography Edit

Relationships Edit

Charlie Dauphin Edit

Charlie is Rain's longtime best friend.

Genealogy Edit

Rose Nitaino
Sebastian Bohique
Alonso Cacique
Iris Bohique
Rain Bohique-Cacique

Appearances Edit

Rain of the Ghosts

References Edit

  1. Weisman, Greg (2013). Drums. In Rain of the Ghosts (pp. 1-5). New York City: St. Martin's Press.
  2. Weisman, Greg (2013). The N.T.Z.. In Rain of the Ghosts (pp. 7-15). New York City: St. Martin's Press.

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