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The number nine appears frequently in the mythology of Rain of the Ghosts universe. Its significance, if any, remains to be revealed.

Examples Edit

Series Edit

Rain of the Ghosts Edit

  • The first chapter begins around "eight, nine o'clock at night on a Thursday”.
  • In "In Black and White":
    • 'Bastian had tried to teach Rain to use a steel-cased compass and his homemade astrolabe when she was nine years old.
    • Rain studies a map labeled of the Ghost Keys dated "Summer, 1799."
  • In "The Storm", Joe tells Rain and Charlie that out of twenty-five missions, the vets successfully bombed Berlin nine times.
  • Maq tells Rain that her magic number is nine, in "The Last Summer Rain".
  • In "The Final Flight of the Island Belle", we learn that the designation of the Island Belle is Broadway-Niner-Niner-Four (B-994).
  • Nine out of the ten World War 2 veterans in Bastian's group appear as ghosts—the Dark Man appears in "Sunset" and the other eight appear in "A Wake".
  • In "Rendezvous", "Julia" glares at Maq for exactly nine seconds before backing out and nodding.
  • In "The Cache":
    • The N.T.Z cache has nine stone seats and nine indentations ("keyholes").
    • According to the message in the Cache, there are nine zemis.

Spirits of Ash and Foam Edit

  • In "And Life Ends";
    • The temperature in San Próspero past 79°.
    • The narrator remarks that the local Island Mart often sells clothes for 99 cents per item.
  • As of "The Horror", Renée Jackson is 5'9".
  • In "Something in the Air", Maq is juggling eight or nine tennis balls.
  • In chapter nine, Rain calculates that Bastian used the gold armband on his wrist for the last sixty-nine years of his life.
  • The events of "Night Moves" begin at 9 p.m. and take place between September 8 to 9.
    • Julia studies a gourd jar which has a ring of nine carved bats that decorated its circumference.
  • In "The Other Half Lives":
    • Isaac Naborías is anxious about leaving Sycorax island before sunset, which according to him doesn't happen until 7:29 p.m..
    • We learn that Pablo Guerrero is about 5'9".
    • When Rain was nine, she made a wrist leather band with the word "DADDY" burned into it, similar to the one Miranda gave her own father.
  • Rain tells Miranda to meet her and Charlie at Harbor Slip Nine, in "Smitten".
  • As of "Sightseers", Fred Kim is 39 years old.
  • In "Mermaids", Rain is shocked to find out that a replacement camera costs $189.
  • In "Aycayia the Cursed", Fred Kim tells Rain to pick up the Kimlets at 9 a.m. of the next day.
  • In "Stick-up", Rain counts to 300 to make sure Callahan wouldn't spot them leaving with the true zemi. The narrator recounts the three last numbers: 298, 299, 300.
  • In "What Remains", the narrator remarks that parties rarely erupt in the N.T.Z. before nine or ten.

References Edit

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