The number nine appears frequently in the mythology of Rain of the Ghosts universe. Its significance, if any, remains to be revealed.



Rain of the Ghosts

  • The first chapter begins around "eight, nine o'clock at night on a Thursday”.
  • In "In Black and White":
    • 'Bastian had tried to teach Rain to use a steel-cased compass and his homemade astrolabe when she was nine years old.
    • Rain studies a map labeled of the Ghost Keys dated "Summer, 1799."
  • In "The Storm", Joe tells Rain and Charlie that out of twenty-five missions, the vets successfully bombed Berlin nine times.
  • Maq tells Rain that her magic number is nine, in "The Last Summer Rain".
  • In "The Final Flight of the Island Belle", we learn that the designation of the Island Belle is Broadway-Niner-Niner-Four (B-994).
  • Nine out of the ten World War 2 veterans in Bastian's group appear as ghosts—the Dark Man appears in "Sunset" and the other eight appear in "A Wake".
  • In "Rendezvous", "Julia" glares at Maq for exactly nine seconds before backing out and nodding.
  • In "The Cache":
    • The N.T.Z cache has nine stone seats and nine indentations ("keyholes").
    • According to the message in the Cache, there are nine zemis.

Spirits of Ash and Foam

  • In "And Life Ends";
    • The temperature in San Próspero past 79°.
    • The narrator remarks that the local Island Mart often sells clothes for 99 cents per item.
  • As of "The Horror", Renée Jackson is 5'9".
  • In "Something in the Air", Maq is juggling eight or nine tennis balls.
  • In chapter nine, Rain calculates that Bastian used the gold armband on his wrist for the last sixty-nine years of his life.
  • The events of "Night Moves" begin at 9 p.m. and take place between September 8 to 9.
    • Julia studies a gourd jar which has a ring of nine carved bats that decorated its circumference.
  • In "The Other Half Lives":
    • Isaac Naborías is anxious about leaving Sycorax island before sunset, which according to him doesn't happen until 7:29 p.m..
    • We learn that Pablo Guerrero is about 5'9".
    • When Rain was nine, she made a wrist leather band with the word "DADDY" burned into it, similar to the one Miranda gave her own father.
  • Rain tells Miranda to meet her and Charlie at Harbor Slip Nine, in "Smitten".
  • As of "Sightseers", Fred Kim is 39 years old.
  • In "Mermaids", Rain is shocked to find out that a replacement camera costs $189.
  • In "Aycayia the Cursed", Fred Kim tells Rain to pick up the Kimlets at 9 a.m. of the next day.
  • In "Stick-up", Rain counts to 300 to make sure Callahan wouldn't spot them leaving with the true zemi. The narrator recounts the three last numbers: 298, 299, 300.
  • In "What Remains", the narrator remarks that parties rarely erupt in the N.T.Z. before nine or ten.


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