"In Black and White"
Rain of the Ghosts chapter
Rain of the Ghosts cover
Number 10
Series Rain of the Ghosts
Pages 95-103
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"In Black and White" is the tenth chapter of Rain of the Ghosts.

Chapter Brief: Rain discovers who the Dark Man really is.

Page Numbers: 95 to 103 (U.S. paperback)


  • It is Sunday, September 7, 2014.
  • Rain's master key is confiscated
  • Rain asks to have Sebastian's room
  • Rain sees a greatly startling picture, and makes a discovery and realization that shakes her to the core



  • The title refers to the black and white photograph Rain discovers in Sebastian's room


  • Rain recalls two occasions when the Dark Man tried to reach out to her.  The events occured in The Ghosts and Sunset.


  1. Rain Cacique
  2. Alonso Cacique
  3. Iris Cacique
  4. Rose Nitaino (mentioned)
  5. Sebastian Bohique (mentioned)


  1. San Próspero
    • ​Nitaino Inn


Unanswered questions

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