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Rain of the Ghosts chapter
Rain of the Ghosts cover
Number 6
Series Rain of the Ghosts
Pages 59-64
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"Fishing" is the sixth chapter of Rain of the Ghosts

Chapter Brief: Charlie learns of Rain's loss, and Rain has another "conversation" with the Tall Woman

Page Numbers: 59 to 64 (U.S. paperback)

Summary  Edit

  • Maq and Opie go fishing without bait 
  • Charlie's mother informs him about Sebastian's passing
  • Charlie rushes off to comfort Rain, but Alonso dissuades him
  • Rain eventually falls asleep 
  • In her dreams, Rain has a conversation with Juliet Vendaval
  • Maq successfully catches a fish

Trivia Edit

Title Edit

The title refers to Maq's attempt to catch fish without bait.  It can also refer to Judith Vendaval's attempt to persuade Rain to leave her home.

Name Meanings Edit

  • Grande Jetée (Spanish): Great Pier

Characters Edit

  1. Maq (no explicit dialogue)
  2. Opie (no dialogue)
  3. Charlie Dauphin
  4. Charlie's mother (no explicit dialogue)
  5. Callahan (no dialogue)
  6. Judith Vendaval (dream dialogue only)
  7. Alonso Cacique
  8. Iris Cacique (no dialogue)
  9. Rain Cacique (dream dialogue only)
  10. Ariel (dream, no dialogue) 
  11. Miranda (dream, no dialogue)
  12. Marina Cortez (dream, no dialogue)

Locations Edit

  1. Ile de la Géante
    • Grande Jetée
  2. San Próspero
    • Pueblo de San Prospero
      • Charlie Dauphin's home
      • Nitaino Inn
  3. Próspero Bay
  4. New York City (mentioned)

Quotes Edit

Unanswered questions Edit

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