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Series Rain of the Ghosts
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"Drums" is the first chapter of Rain of the Ghosts.


  • Thirteen-year old friends Rain Cacique and Charlie Dauphin play a game of "Attack of the Killer Tourists".
  • They almost lose after Rain takes a wrong turn.


  • The title refers to the soundtrack playing in Rain's head, which is described as a "major tribal beat". Bernie Cohen appears to have heard drums as well.
  • The name of the island chain, Prospero, is a reference to the protagonist of the Shakespeare play, The Tempest.
  • The events of this chapter occur place on Thursday, September 4. Although there is no canonical year, the likely year based on various information from Rain of the Ghosts would be 2014.


  • Rain Cacique (first appearance, first speaking appearance)
  • Charlie Dauphin (first appearance, first speaking appearance)
  • Opie (first appearance)
  • Maq (first appearance)
  • Bernie Cohen (first appearance, first speaking appearance)
  • Maude Cohen (first appearance, first speaking appearance)


  • San Próspero
    • Brown's Road
    • Camino de las Casas


Charlie: They control the whole island!
Rain: Never surrender!

Unanswered questions

  1. How is the narrator able to read the minds of the characters?
  2. Why did Bernie hear drums?

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