"A Wake"
Rain of the Ghosts chapter
Rain of the Ghosts cover
Number 7
Series Rain of the Ghosts
Pages 65-74
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"A Wake" is the seventh chapter of Rain of the Ghosts.

Chapter Brief: Sebastian's funeral; Rain has another ghostly encounter.

Page Numbers: 65 to 74 (U.S. paperback)


  • Sebastian Bohique is buried
  • Rain retreats to the N.T.Z. to grieve, with Charlie in tow
  • Rain is visited by eight ghosts
  • Rain receives a message: "Send us home!"


It is now Saturday


The title refers to the wake held for Sebastian Bohique.


Rain first misses her bracelet in this chapter.


  1. Rain Cacique
  2. Alonso Cacique
  3. Iris Cacique
  4. Charlie Dauphin
  5. Adriana Dauphin (no dialogue) - first named appearance
  6. Hank Dauphin (no dialogue) - first appearance
  7. Phil Dauphin (no dialogue) - first appearance
  8. Joe Charone (no dialogue) - first appearance
  9. Miller (no dialogue) - first appearance
  10. Three generations of Ibaras - first appearance
  11. Two generations of Jacksons - first appearance
  12. Four generations of Hernandezes - first appearance
  13. Maq (no dialogue)
  14. Opie (no dialogue)
  15. Father Lopez (no explicit dialogue) - first appearance
  16. Mr. Chung (no dialogue)
  17. Ms. Ellis-Chung (no dialogue)
  18. The Eight ghosts - first appearance


  1. San Próspero
    • Pueblo de San Prospero
      • Nitaino Inn
      • San Próspero Cemetery
    • ​The N.T.Z.


Unanswered questions

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