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This timeline is based on my conjecture that the canon year is 2014, and contains timestamps from the previews of Book 2.

  • Summer 1799: Unknown cartographer draws map of the keys
  • September-October 1924: Sebastian born (he was a month shy of 80 in early September 2014)
  • December 8, 1941: U.S. enters the war (Sebastian aged 16)
  • May 8, 1945: V-E day; photo taken (Sebastian aged 20)
  • September 12-15, 1945: Category 4 hurricane develops in the Carribean and skirts the Bermuda triangle (where Prospero keys are located); potential inspiration for Hurricane Julia
  • 1960s-1970s: Sebastian marries Rose Nitaino (he married in his 40s)
  • 1998: Alonso starts working on a boat (sixteen years, Ch 9)
  • 2001-2002: Rain born; Charlie born; Miranda born
  • 2010-2011: Bastian tries to teach Rain to use the compass and astrolabe
  • September 4-7, 2014: events of Book 1
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Why 2003? - gweisman


Essentially conjecture made considering the (erroneous) age of Sebastian, coupled with the phases on the moon during September, and the years on which Thursday is September 4 (since Book 2's preview chapters established that Monday is September 8).

It's posted on Thailog's Wall at

Book 1 states that the moon was three-quarters full. Using Wolfram Alpha, here are the moon phases:

  • 09/04/1980 - waning crescent (less than 25%)
  • 09/04/1986 - new moon (0%)
  • 09/04/1997 - waxing crescent (more than 25% but less than 50%)
  • 09/04/2003 - waxing gibbous (less than 100% but more than 50%)
  • 09/04/2008 - waxing crescent (more than 25% but less than 50%)
  • 09/04/2014 - waxing gibbous (less than 100% but more than 50%)

Thus, two dates fit the moon - 2003 and 2014. Next, we use the date of V-E day (May 8, 1945) to choose between the two possibilities.

  • 2003 as canon year - Sebastian would be 90 on October 2003, so he was born in October 1913. This means he was 31 during World War 2 (or 27 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor)
  • 2014 as canon year - Sebastian would be 90 on October 2014, so he was born in October 1924. This means he was 20 during World War 2 (or 16 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor)

Using the previous erroneous age, 2014 was not plausible (an 11-year old boy could not become a fighter pilot, much less a captain, unless his name were Anakin Skywalker). 31 is still plausible, but unlikely given he was described as "young" in the book. As such, I will now change my estimate of the canon year to 2014.

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